SEPTEMBER 16TH - 19TH, 2015

As it stands, we’ve come up with a tentative itinerary; however, seeing as there is plenty of time left until the family reunion things can and will change. If anyone has a suggestion or other ideas for outings or places to go and things to see, please send them along. We’ll put them up and everyone can decide on what to do.

There are a couple things that we hope everyone will want to do and participate – after all, it’s a family reunion.


Check In
Dinner in Chaplin Park (6-9pm)


Beach Tour (Sunburn at your own risk.)
Charleston Trip (You know you want a souvenir.)
Formal Dinner at the Binghampton House (6-9pm)


Breakfast at Paul’s Bistro (8-10am)
Picnic in the Park (5-10pm)
Out On the Town (Jazz Corner, Arts Center, etc.)


Church Service (10am -
Forget the formal wear, dresses or ties.)
Amusement Park